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Our degree programme

First year




The 5W

Desk work

Writing techniques

Field work


Image processing (Photoshop)

Desktop publishing

Production of a bi-media daily publication


Preparation of a trip abroad

Photo, video and web design classes

Creation of a web-site for the multimedia reports they will publish while abroad

Multimedia journalism

Investigative journalism

Investigative journalism techniques (4 weeks)

Data journalism (1 week)

Further development

Advanced TV, radio and multi-media techniques

Introduction to video-reporting

Internship at a local, daily newspaper

2-3 month internship with a local, daily newspaper

Internship report

Second year


Majors and minors

Students specialize (major and minor chosen at the end of the first year).




Newsroom – enhanced writing techniques

Newsroom writing techniques

Writing for different media channels


Production of a solo project, a small group project, and a group project involving the whole school year



New visual and multimedia writing techniques

New forms of writing for audio-visual media

Video journalism (including square and vertical formats)

Motion design

Graphic design and dataviz

New sound formats (podcasts etc.)

Introduction to art direction

Production of a solo project, a small group project, and a group project involving the whole school year

Television: Journalism and Video-Reporting

Reporting for TV and magazine news


Camera and editing techniques

Production of a 30-minute newsreel in real-life conditions; production of various reports (investigations, portraits, documentaries)


Radio journalism

Production of a live radio news show and of various thematic broadcasts (legal issues, sport, culture, local news, podcasts)


Newsroom – enhanced writing techniques

Digital journalism techniques

Basic editing

Basic on-line video production

Video-reporting and web TV

Camera techniques

New visual writing techniques

Montage, motion design

Radio & webradio

Basic sound production

Radio formats

Vocal pitch control



Students validate their minors through a project they work on collectively in order to enhance specific skills relating to their chosen minor.

Professional experience

Throughout their degree course, our students work on the soft and hard skills which will help them act professionally in the workplace. Different modules are on offer, and students work in small groups on a multimedia publishing project.

Work experience

We encourage all our students to gain as much work experience as possible (optional or mandatory internships).

As part of their second year, students must complete at least two internships of between one and four weeks.

The students must find their own placements and can complete up to 26 weeks of experience as part of their course.

An individual interview with the managing directors of the CFJ allows each student to fine-tune their professional aims and prepare for future job interviews.

How to contact us


If you have any questions about our courses, internships or job prospects, please contact Ms. Claire Desforges (