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Our campus

Welcome to the Faubourg!

In October, 2016, the CFJ moved to 210, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, between Bastille and Nation. Our building, which was entirely redesigned to welcome students, has a large number of classrooms, all equipped with the necessary IT and projection equipment. We also have a television studio set and a radio studio. Our premises are shared with Ecole W, the digital content and creation school.

Our co-working space

Our campus accommodates not only two schools, but also a co-working space which is home to a number of small media or creative companies. Our television studio set is used both for our students’ work and for recording the broadcasts made by Ouatch, a TV channel focusing on innovation and lifestyle issues. In addition, our particularly modular space is used for the training sessions run by the Abilways group and can be rented for company training as well as other events of all kinds.

Guided visit