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Our legal status

A not-for-profit association


The CFJ is a private, not-for-profit school, and is considered an association under French law. Our running costs are financed entirely by the ‘taxe d’apprentissage’ paid by media channels, our students’ school fees and a subsidy granted by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

State recognition

Founded in 1946 by Philippe Viannay and Jacques Richet, both journalists with the ‘Défense de la France’ group set up by the French Résistance, the CFJ was recognized by the French state as a private vocational university on the 25th of January, 1962.

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Professional recognition

The CFJ’s two year long degree programme is recognized by the Commission paritaire nationale de l’emploi des journalistes (French journalism commission). We are one of only 14 schools to have been recognized in this way (9 state schools and 4 private schools). This commission, which was founded in 1976 and is made up of representatives from publishing groups and journalism syndicates, aims to study training courses in the field of journalism and pen an annual report about career possibilities and their evolution. The CFJ has also been a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles since 1994.

Since 2012, our school has been a member of the Conférence Nationale des Métiers du Journalisme (French journalism think tank), which provides a forum for discussion and new proposals and brings together the 14 journalism schools recognized by the profession as well as different professionals involved in education or in various journalism bodies, state representatives (from the sectors of higher education, culture and communication and employment), researchers and other qualified personalities..

In 2013, the CFJ became an affiliated member of HeSam Université, a federation of higher education establishments.

Members of the board


Mr. Emmanuel Chain

Groupe Eléphant

*    *    *

Mr. Loïck Berrou

Head of the international department
and of TV reporting, France 24

Mr. Rémi Bouquet des Chaux

Managing Director, Fondation Varenne


Ms. Violaine Chaurand

Director of Project Development and Internal Communication
Groupe Bayard


Ms. Sabine Delanglade

Feature writer, Les Echos


Ms. Zineb Dryef

Journalist, Le Monde


Mr. Vincent Giret

Managing Director, France Info


Mr. Henri Pigeat

Managing Director, Illisos


Mr. Eric Scherer

Director of forward studies, digital strategy and international relations
France Télévisions


Ms. Blandine Grosjean

Editor-in-Chief, Eléphant et Cie

Ms. Karen Bastien

Deputy Chairman
  Co-founder of the agency WeDoData

  *  *  *

Ms. Emilie Juillard

Partner, ATM Avocats

  *  *  *

Mr. Laurent Guimier

Vice-President, Europe 1


Mr. Stéphane Haumant

Editor-in-Chief, presenter
Canal Plus


Ms. Françoise Joly

Editor-in-Chief, ‘Internationales’
TV Monde


Mr. Christian Guellerin

Managing Director, L’Ecole de Design Nantes-Atlantique


Ms. Florence Martin-Kessler

Documentary film maker
Founder of the Live Magazine


Mr. Fabien Namias

Managing Director and Feature Writer, LCI


Mr. Philippe Onillon

Managing Director for France


Mr. Emmanuel Ostian

Journalist and TV presenter,
Founder of Et Maintenant Production


Ms. Corinne Perthuis

President of the CFJ’s Alumni Association


Two students currently enrolled at the CFJ

Nomination pending